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This will be a dull year for me as Ed Sheeran decided to rest and stay off social media.  Being a celebrity is a lot of noise and a lot more nonsense, so I would understand avoiding the public eye, but withdrawing from such a glorious product is somewhat depressing.  However, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the break will make the reunion that much sweeter when he returns this fall.

Been listening to his old works from the 5 albums he released before he got mainstream (‘Lately’ is a sick tune you need to check out). As per usual thinking of him since really, he is a spectacular human being.

1) True love isn’t blind.  I have to acknowledge that his hedonistic views on life aren’t compatible with mine.  His liberal philosophies are none too wise, but everyone has room for improvement, eh?
2) He also does his best to be nice to all his fans because the way celebrities treat people create lasting impressions.  He claims anyone should be able to turn off aggression or negative feelings when meeting crowds.  It’s only been a few years of stardom my dear, wait for a decade and see where you land, because paparazzi and fans can be unbelievably rude and annoying!
3) I appreciate the looping and unique energy of his faster songs, therefore I’m not into Thinking Out Loud or Photograph.  Brilliantly written lyrics, yet the music and style were kind of lame compared to his other works.  The music videos, on the other hand, are stunning works of art!

The + girl
Most people would love to be immortalized in a song or movie, but if it’s based on intimate moments, might be strange.  I wonder what she’s like, the one that inspired all the words and am thankful for her existence because without her, we wouldn’t have the honest experiences of love that he shared with the world.

Seeing him develop and step up his gear over time is so gratifying, life is good when you get to upgrade.

Self haircut →  salon most likely
Ratty guitars → custom ‘X’ guitar sets
Homeless → Tennessee mansion
Random picks → custom ‘X’ picks
Store loop pedal → custom model
Acoustic scene → large screens
Of course, he always adds on his tattoos, for better or worse.
Concert style
Loop boss puts it down, the twists and turns and extensions of his songs are nothing like what you hear on the radio.  He wrenches your heart as you get lost in his ballads then forces adrenaline when he rocks out to his fast beats.  The way he handles the timing by himself onstage is incredible, working like a maniac the whole time.  And the way he grasps the mic and pours out his feelings, you just feel jealous of the mic.
Award shows
He’s off when he wins, maybe a little antagonistic and condescending saying that such ceremonies are all decided upon by big wigs that dictate trends without knowing what talent, skill, or sacrifice mean, but we all knew it’s politics and show.  Much to the delight of Sheerios all over da world, our darling just won his first Grammy!  Cue sighs and tears of joy.

– Ed Sheeran appearing on my birthday and singing to me
– Touching his hair and making him laugh
– Chaining him in my basement so he can only write and sing for me when I demand it

Happy birthday, my ginga ninja! You shine and make me thankful to be alive!


Tribute to Jane Austen

It is only a novel… or, in short, only some work in which the greatest powers of the mind are displayed, in which the most thorough knowledge of human nature, the happiest delineation of its varieties, the liveliest effusions of wit and humour, are conveyed to the world in the best-chosen language

Today we take our hats off to the English authoress Jane Austen born 240 years ago this day. She set the standard for storytelling and went down a lonely road for future female writers like J.K. Rowling, Margaret Mitchell, and Suzanne Collins to follow after. Her classics works inspired countless sequels and have been adapted into films such as Clueless, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and an upcoming movie featuring zombies!

Instead of marrying and raising children like a typical woman of Georgian society, she chose to remain close with her family and pursue her literary career. She wrote 6 incredible novels, the most well-known being Pride & Prejudice.  In that story we have two characters who judged each other solely on first impressions and later see that they were wrong their assumptions.  It reflects how people should not be rejected for shallow reasons and would be better off taking time to understand each other.

Her work is timeless because she features people we have all met. The annoying know-it-all aunt. That creepy neighbor. A silly sister. Those loyal friends who will always be there when you need them.  And she sagely portrays how everyone always turn out to be so much more or less than we originally expected.

There is no one who matches her romantic settings.  Readers appreciate looking into a world where candles and lamps lit the nights, horses were the main form of transportation, and letters were handwritten with quills. Many generations of women all around the world dream of meeting a handsome gentleman with good manners and education as featured in her novels.  Jane shows us the charm of living in times uninterrupted by war, before commercialism and moral decay was prevalent in culture.

Jane was clever, sassy, and defiant of tradition.  She made the most of her short years by portraying the rich/poor, wise/foolish, as well as gave insight into high society interactions.  We can learn quite a few lessons from her literature.  First, marriage can either lead to the greatest joy or the longest suffering.  Second, it is very important to keep close to your family and you can go farther in life with their love and support.  Lastly, keeping or breaking promises defines you as a person – your words are gold or worthless based on your record.

Let us raise our books to a woman who continues to guide us to follow both our sense and sensibility!


Vampire Academy

*spoilers all around*

I just found about Richelle Mead’s work and went through the entire series of within days. It was extremely fortunate all the six books have been out for years because waiting for new installments would have driven me mad. This series has it all. Political drama. Murder mysteries. Heart stopping romance. Most importantly, it has witty dialogue and amazing characters who develop over the course of their experiences. When finishing the last one it all stayed in my mind. Books can be like drugs. They take you on soaring highs and crippling lows. The good thing for me is that this series has a the unusual quality of being easily re-readable. It says a lot for the author’s skills in creating such an intriguing world and cast.

Rose (dhampir)
And I thought the point of my education was that violence is the answer.”
Love her!!!
A beautiful and dangerous wildfire, she is recklessly lethal so whether you’re dead or undead better move get out of the way. She is a hardcore warrior like Faith from “Buffy” and just as angry with the world. It gets alternately hilarious and annoying how she flies into a rage when mishandling minor developments she disagrees with. She gets restless easily and just goes for what she wants without thinking, which she learns to control more as she matures. I can see myself in how she constantly mouths off but keeps a lot of personal secrets at the same time. Her choices when it comes to love are the worst, especially when it comes to Adrian. Being confused about your feelings is understandable, but after repeated warnings about consequences she went ahead and treated him like trash. I guess if I were a teen being influenced by the spirit and facing attack by enemies at all sides I wouldn’t be thinking straight either but having someone around just for fun is never a good idea. I hope the author realizes that Rose is a poor role model when it comes to romance, which is a risk I think she took in creating a flawed character in overly dramatic situations. Still, it’s difficult not to admire her fighting abilities and her selfless protective nature.

Dimitri (dhampir)
A Russian guardian of the highest level who follows duty and honor above all else. Tall, dark, and handsome, he is the epitome of the word gentleman as well as deadly. His serious and cautious demeanor is a good influence on Rose’s impulsive attitude. Amazing how they are perfectly in tuned with each other as a battle couple. He is polite and old fashioned, teased for his interest in Western books and 80’s music.

Lissa (Moroi)
Loyal and composed, she tragically lost her entire family in her teens and has a spirit bond with Rose when saving her life from the incident. Her determination is what gets her through a lot of challenges, as does her diplomacy. People see her as a sort of goddess as she manifests healing powers which are relatively new to her society. I always think of Elsa when she appears in the Bloodlines series.

Adrian (Moroi)
“Dreams, dreams. I walk them; I live them. I delude myself with them. It’s a wonder I can spot reality anymore.”
Usually alcoholic loungers who smoke are triple deal breakers for me. But if they’re handsome brooding artists with emerald eyes, I’ll reconsider and then some. His vices are necessary to suppress the effects of his spirit powers which makes them a little excusable. He reminds me of Rhett from Gone with the Wind because of the obscene wealth and devil-may-care impertinent attitude, and making the mistake of loving a poisonous woman. His clever lines and obvious awareness of his handsome looks are as delicious as Damon Salvatore’s, complete with feelings of inadequacy as he feels trapped from everyone’s low expectations. Ironic how everyone warned Rose about associating with Adrian when he was devoted to her group and ended up the one betrayed and hurt the most by knowing her. I still think she would have been good with him if she didn’t have Dimitri around. The funny thing that match would be similar to that of her parents; one the tough warrior, the other a flashy charmer. Such a huge relief that his story continues in the spin off because I’m wild for this arrogant flirty royal.

Christian (dhampir)
Enough with the hot guys already, Mead! An outcast who will become a consort to Lissa despite prejudice against his family. He has abilities in fire magic. He is also talented in doling out snarky quips so it’s always a pleasure to see him go at it with Rose or Adrian.

Abe (Moroi)
Eighteen, and already youʹve been accused of murder, aided felons, and acquired a death count higher than most guardians will ever see.ʺ He paused. ʺI couldnʹt be prouder.”
Rose’s father whose connections are as useful as they are shady. He will as easily flirt with all the eligible women as do all he can to protect those he loves.

VA Movie Thoughts:
Good: Rose killed it! running sneak attack gag, pace, Christian, last scene with Dimitri
Bad: Cheesy fight scenes, overdone expositions, English rather than Romanian royalty, magic scenes laughable, wrong tone
Fan Request: Do over, make it into a show and bring us Adrian!!!

It’s a little confusing getting straight the multiple classes: Moroi, dhampir, Strigoi. I appreciate that the author didn’t feature a traitor in the inner circle or a major antagonist trying to destroy the world throughout the whole series. It’s rather refreshing to see how enemies mature and become friends in most instances. And the fact it’s mostly in the Moroi realm, humans don’t really factor in, other than as willing food sources.

I always say I’m getting too old for vampire novels and believe I’m over it. Somehow I managed to get caught up again and this time it was rewarding. If anyone has a problem with this genre, I say bite me.


10 Boss Korean Snacks

Many remember their childhood fondly. Times were simpler, neighborhoods safer, and tv less smutty. Nothing brings us back like comfort food, though. I had a ton of Bagel Bites, Milano cookies, and those little strips of beef jerky they sell at schools but you can’t find them available anywhere and it is a sorrowful affair altogether. But these good eats from my cultural background have a special place in my heart:

Dried squid/ seaweed
Similar to: jerky/ kale chips
The robust flavor and chewy goodness is too addicting. I remember mom toasting these on the stove. The seaweed she would brush with oil and sprinkle salt on before cutting the sheets into rectangles.


Charms Sour Candy Balls
Similar to: lollipops without the stick
For some reason I associate these only with Korean markets. They have a slight fruity tartness, not exactly sour which suits me fine.

Shrimp chips
Similar to: fries but in cracker form with seafood flavor
A go-to any time of year, get your own bag.

Choco pie
Similar to: moon pies
No camping trip is complete without these!!!

Similar to: peach yogurt
Drink it as is or freeze it and peel off the thin plastic casing to enjoy. In Korea they deliver it to your door every morning, like the milkman here! Oh wait….

Onion Rings
Similar to: Funyuns
Light and smooth sweet onion flavor that’s fun to loop together.

Similar to: chocolate covered pretzels
In the summer we stuck them in ice water so they wouldn’t melt.

Chu Chu Bars (Japanese brand featured in photo)
Similar to: Otter Pops
Break it off and share with your bestie!

Raw ramen from the bag
Similar to: nothing; there is no comparison
Preservatives and chemicals galore, the picture of self destructive pleasure.
Instructions to ruin your health

Sadly, half of these are full of gluten so they are out of my reach in this lifetime. But there are plenty of other snacks around to to discover. So don’t be afraid to explore and pig out on all the yummy goodness out there, friends!

Profile: Taylor Swift

All hail the queen of music.  I got into her work since hearing Love Story on the radio.  It’s a pity I was well past high school when she arrived on the scene, it would have been a great emotional support back then.

Singer/ Songwriter
She had an interest playing guitar at a young age. Determination and persistency brought her where she is today. True, her voice left much to be desired in the earlier years of her career.  But recently she has much improved due to her owning to her weakness and hiring a vocal coach. Her writing skills have always been unparalleled and she likes to use figurative idioms of her own creation.

everything has changed

Blah blah blah she’s pop, no country, who cares. She is brilliant in that she recognizes trends and reinvents herself in risky ways.  She began with a fairytale princess perspective, dreamy in the throes of teenage angst.  When the hipster Instagram craze was in full swing, she came out with Red complete with a dubstep hit.  Followed by an 80’s influenced album to met the retro climate.  Did she pull it off?  Absolutely.


For all the talk in society about not judging and attempts to dismiss slut shaming, she is marked and isolated by media vultures jumping all over her romantic entanglements.  I feel sorry that she is constantly ridiculed for her choices.  Yes, artists have relationships in succession.  Yes, they make their boyfriends/girlfriends the subject of their work.  It’s nothing new and no one starts off with all the answers.  Can we move on now?

blank space1

Influencing a generation
Dorky, sweet, and mostly wholesome image is refreshing in the entertainment industry.  They be hatin’ but really anyone would do well to possess a fraction of the talent and success of this girl.  She is on top and in control of pretty much all the decisions from tracks to branding.  As far as role models go for females, you can do plenty worse.

Philosophy of Love
Taylor is, like most women, a little crazy.  She goes all in when she dates someone and gives herself away completely.  All experiences are captured whether it involved blissful omg-look-at-that-face highs or abysmal crumpled-up-piece-of-paper lows.  There are lessons learned from splits but never regrets, it’s always worth it.  Regardless of countless foolish decisions that came from our hearts, we all have stories that make up who we are.

Thank you for affirming our experiences as we navigate life and love together!


(dedicated too all my fellow Swifties out there ❤ )

A Night with Ed Sheeran

Take my hand
And my
Heart and soul
I will
Only have these eyes
For you
– “One”

It’s getting real, I’m in love with a chubby ginger British singer-songwriter. His music makes the world a less bitter place. Going to see him last weekend meant enduring expense, 468 miles through the hot desert, endless waiting in line, then standing tightly pressed in a crowd.

Finally, lights off, lights on. This adorable bloke takes the stage featuring only microphones, a loop pedal and guitar:

Worth it.

It is like Christmas, New Year’s, and the beginning of summer combined seeing him amongst fellow Sheerios united in worshipful devotion of one irresistible man. We are ruined for any other performers because of his charm and unconventional moving songs. There’s no place I’d rather be than near this angel who keeps on giving.


Artwork: Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Apparently some loopy Ukrainian dude thought he would go outside and make escargot pose to take photos from their perspective.



Wow. Who knew our slimy friends could be such graceful models while providing cuteness overload? I imagine their mini hopes and ambitions as they journey wherever their fancies lead each day. Fare thee well, mayhap ye wander into sodium-free lands of dew and flowers…