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Profile: Anthony Bourdain



A man of the world best known for his shows No Reservations, Layover, and recently Parts Unknown. He is living the dream – traveling and eating with all expenses paid.

Hotness factor
He has a certain rockstar quality. Tall and dressed usually in a button up shirt and jeans, he strolls foreign streets with swagger.  He’ll rough it camping with the locals and will dive into any exotic dish.  Ultra confident and adventurous, no wonder men and women alike swoon for him.

Food Fan
Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life.

As a chef he appreciates food on a deeper level than most, knowing what it takes to create a dish and hold a restaurant together.  He encourages viewers to leave their jobs and families in pursuit of incredible eats, an offer we all are keen to take watching him enjoy his meals. It’s made clear numerous times his number one love = sausage.


Avoid the Obvious
Skip the Eiffel Tower.  Boo, London Eye.  Colosseum, nah.  Since the audience doesn’t want to see the same common landmarks, he’s got to mix it up a little.  On the occasions he has less than 48 hours he prefers to go to less crowded areas and hit local pubs so he can play and drink at leisure.

Tony hails from the kitchens of New York so you have to expect a crusty edge.  I love how he mocks guide books (apparently not rock n roll enough for him).  I guess he thinks he’s the final authority when journeying around the world.

Nightmare List
What ruffles Tony’s chill?  A bar spontaneously bursting into song of course!  He was definitely not feeling London that night.  Also, mimes are just wrong in his book.


Hipster Hatin’
His disdain of tights wearing preppies in fedoras swarming in hot spots is legendary.  Just say no to wheat bread and tahini.


On California
Try as he may to fight it, he is all about the Inn N Out life, yo.  Between the beaches and opulent hotels and cruising in style, he knows he can get used to this.  And yes, our weather is absolutely glorious, thanks for noticing!


Global Bridges
A white male shows us he is unafraid to enter ethnic restaurants and rough it in remote areas.  In this way he is our key to places to see and people to connect with.  We realize there is so much out there we are missing out on if only we take the first step.


Thanks Tony, for showing folks like me how to hit the roads less traveled!

*dedicated to JSJ*

Profile: Staff Sgt Jin


A few words about this man who I admire. He is open to seeing and trying new things. He loves watching movies, especially action films and likes to quote them off hand. Throughout his life he tries his best to be chill and make the most of every day. It is encouraging to see someone who is strong and not complain because like most of my family he is no nonsense and takes everything as it is given, knowing that it could be a lot worse.

He was born in 1987 a younger sibling in the shadow of an angry abusive father. He had a stuttering problem which required help from a speech pathologist to overcome. He was always sweet and quiet with others but he was extremely talkative with myself or my mom. He grew up like other 90’s kids – interested in riding bikes, Legos, getting pwned by me in Mario Kart 64 (eat shell, Yoshi!). Most of the time we were left alone after school while our parents worked. We were close but constantly fought and competed with each other. It seemed like it always would be us against the world until we moved out at 18.

When he graduated high school he took my parents’ advice, as he had always done, and enlisted in the Air Force. He had to deal with being made fun of and with hazing – which is the norm if you’re a short skinny minority. Being isolated and independent must have been horrible and extremely tiring but he endured and is successful in his field of airplane mechanics. He adapted to military structure, filled his schedule with working out and made a lot of good friends along the way (going on adventures I’m happier knowing nothing about). For the first time he was free to make his own choices and finally found some role models he could respect and learn from. Every holiday he would enjoy himself by taking off to an exotic country, some of them being Hungary, Greece, Spain, Japan, and France. His time as an airman was demanding but he matured with his experiences in a way he never would staying around home.

Although today’s technology provides instant communication for constant contact, we’re still disconnected by distance and time zones.  I look forward to the years ahead when you are free from service and able to get married (so I can sing a bad rendition of Don’t Want to Miss a Thing), then see you settle down with kids to become the kind of father you never had. I wish I knew and appreciated the time we had together more because I could not and do not want to imagine growing up without you.  I’m glad we are on each other’s side even though we disagree about many things.  I am thankful for your guy’s perspective and insight on matters.  Life did not turn out the way we expect or want, many times there were disappointments but we always move forward.

Every year, every week, every day we are learning and changing into someone new, a stranger to the self we leave in the past. I recall vividly the young gentle boy who was afraid of the waves when we went to the beach many years ago, but I have to accept that he has transformed into an experienced deep sea fisher, a well-traveled leader who has many responsibilities.

I can’t fully express my love and admiration for you but here’s a song that shows a little of what I feel; even though we say goodbye often we know it’s not forever:

I salute you brother, can’t wait to see you this summer in UK!

Profile: Taylor Swift

All hail the queen of music.  I got into her work since hearing Love Story on the radio.  It’s a pity I was well past high school when she arrived on the scene, it would have been a great emotional support back then.

Singer/ Songwriter
She had an interest playing guitar at a young age. Determination and persistency brought her where she is today. True, her voice left much to be desired in the earlier years of her career.  But recently she has much improved due to her owning to her weakness and hiring a vocal coach. Her writing skills have always been unparalleled and she likes to use figurative idioms of her own creation.

everything has changed

Blah blah blah she’s pop, no country, who cares. She is brilliant in that she recognizes trends and reinvents herself in risky ways.  She began with a fairytale princess perspective, dreamy in the throes of teenage angst.  When the hipster Instagram craze was in full swing, she came out with Red complete with a dubstep hit.  Followed by an 80’s influenced album to met the retro climate.  Did she pull it off?  Absolutely.


For all the talk in society about not judging and attempts to dismiss slut shaming, she is marked and isolated by media vultures jumping all over her romantic entanglements.  I feel sorry that she is constantly ridiculed for her choices.  Yes, artists have relationships in succession.  Yes, they make their boyfriends/girlfriends the subject of their work.  It’s nothing new and no one starts off with all the answers.  Can we move on now?

blank space1

Influencing a generation
Dorky, sweet, and mostly wholesome image is refreshing in the entertainment industry.  They be hatin’ but really anyone would do well to possess a fraction of the talent and success of this girl.  She is on top and in control of pretty much all the decisions from tracks to branding.  As far as role models go for females, you can do plenty worse.

Philosophy of Love
Taylor is, like most women, a little crazy.  She goes all in when she dates someone and gives herself away completely.  All experiences are captured whether it involved blissful omg-look-at-that-face highs or abysmal crumpled-up-piece-of-paper lows.  There are lessons learned from splits but never regrets, it’s always worth it.  Regardless of countless foolish decisions that came from our hearts, we all have stories that make up who we are.

Thank you for affirming our experiences as we navigate life and love together!


(dedicated too all my fellow Swifties out there ❤ )

Profile: Mom

My mom’s name is Ellen but she is Scarlet O’Hara basically with the intense core of survival and ability to love with all her being.  She has plenty of manners and charm to cover it all as situation demands.  I don’t much look like her but realized lately there are a lot of things we have in common.

Through good times and the worst we know we have what matters: food, clothes, health, and family. Although she and I have different views of God and church we know that life is a blessing to be enjoyed to the fullest. 


We both appreciate birds, flowers, and scenery. She and I have some drawing and painting ability. We go crazy over jewelry.



I’m more into karaoke than she is, but we enjoy classical music, especially Pachebel’s Canon. She’s the one that got me into Celine Dion. I don’t know if I should be thankful or not.  She recently developed an affinity for Lindsey Stirling and Lana del Ray.

One of her favored expressions is: “Let bygones be bygones” which is similar to mine: “It is what it is”. We both refuse to dwell in the past much less glance at it preferring to live for the now (albeit retaining some what ifs and dreams of the future). Sentimentality is for suckers. Therefore it’s easier for us to shut people out without remorse.


Our love language = gifts, gifts, gifts. We may let go of people and status but tend to like stuff so much. She is to be credited/ blamed for my propensity not to throw anything away.


Desiring attention? Check. Possessive when said attention is challenged? Check check. Insecurity and fear of loss running amuck when dealing with a rival? Check times infinity (Crazytown – population: us)


She’s a time Nazi and I’m not too far behind.  I feel physically panicked when I’m running late. 


My mom is proficient in Korean and English. She can pick up words and phrases with ease. It must be genetic because I have a fondness for learning languages such as French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, etc.  She almost knocked me off my chair one time saying “wtf” while we were watching Splendor in the Grass (boring movie but guess she’s into it).


Nom nom…chicken & rice then round it off with Haagen Dazs, good night!


Once upon a time she too was an innocent girl with simple dreams until reality beat her up. I appreciate that she gave me a lot of freedom growing up and giving me her support over the years.  I wish I had her sewing ability, cooking skills, maintenance/ stewardship, and smooth skin.  Her story is like a soap opera. Anyone who picks up their life and moves to another country has an amazing story to tell. And then add in her experiences with men, it’s like a female version of Henry VIII: married, divorced, married, widowed, married again at present. Sometimes I wish I could visit her past self and see what she went through, my life is not half so interesting. 


You are incredible, mom, love you!

Profile: Ed Sheeran


Aka: Ginger Jesus, Teddy, my snowflake

Mmmm…oh hi there, where was I?
Beautiful anime-like wild orange tresses.  Those lovely blue eyes. When he wears his goofy grin and glasses, it’s glomp city.

His angelic voice deserves a Nobel Prize.  One note and I am undone. He flows with the rap and it’s inexplicably hot when he swears.  His trademark is being a loop genius.  Who needs backup singers or instruments?  Not Ed!   When recording his loops live he asks the audience to keep silent.  I’ll shush all day.  Just take all my heart and money.

Pirate, cowboy, gingerbread man, clown, squee!!

Besties with Taylor Swift
TS + ES = ❤
Both are superior song writers of this generation.  Together they make a power duo I respect so much.

Down to earth style

True artist who wears casual clothes, writes his songs, cuts his own hair, makes jewelry, and paints his guitars.  I have to say I’m not into his fondness for drinking, drugs, or his array of tattoos, but it still doesn’t negate my admiration.

He uses Legos as metaphors for relationships in his songs and before concerts he builds robots to give away to fans. He loves Lord of the Rings and uses his free time watching DVDs.

Happy birthday darling!  This Sheerio will give you love any time. ANY time…



Profile: Hunter

Dogs.  They are friends to the end and loyal to a fault.  This being toward humans, they certainly do not have an overabundance of sense.  I fall apart when it comes to canines.  Not only are they adorable, but they love you unconditionally and will not judge your appearance or speech.  The dark price is their short life span which can devastate you if you are attached to them like family.  I always wanted to write about Hunter, the one in a million who deeply affects me like none other, and so I shall because my heart belongs to him.  Our love will be legend!

AKA: Cutie Pie, Hunchy, Bad Boy, Darling


Coloration is white with brown spots and he has a magnificently long tail you can bite or place your hair clip on.  He has the floppy ears of a beagle and stumpy legs of a basset hound.  When he is not moody he can be sweet.  He nudges you and sometimes raises his front end on the couch to get closer.  What I like is that he doesn’t lick you and cover you with slobber. 

Typical hounds have a deep baying sound.  When he hears a noise or if you ask “Who’s there?” he will howl up a melancholy storm.


The way to his heart is through his stomach, which sounds reasonable to me.  Somehow he ups the cuteness factor when it’s mealtime by perking up his ears.  I swear he manipulates me by making his eyes bigger and gets them to sparkle.  He eats with abandon (like I do) and goes to town on an empty dog food can. 

A dumb, all accepting happy dog is boring.  At first we hated each other but over time grew close.  It is amusing to push his limits.  He growls when you get near his bed or food.  He really doesn’t like it when you touch his paws, which just happens to be an irresistible activity of mine.  I liken his personality to a temperamental Korean man.

This one can learn names and bark accordingly.  He knows how to play hide and seek.  My darling can also get out of a cone, take off a hair band, and utilize a mirror. 

– Allergic to wheat

– Digs into the carpet
– Skin problems
– Hates the camera (like myself)

Dogs teach us to love without reserve and live each day to the fullest.  When you give a dog medicine, trim their nails, or give them baths, they tend to resist or flee.  I respond similarly in those situations even though it’s supposed to be beneficial.  It reminds me of how God provides and wants to give us the best but we miss it by turning away or fail to recognize what is in front of us. 

And IIIIIIIII will always love youuuuu, Hunter!