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4 Conflict Styles

Argument for Reading

My Fairly Odd Diet

A Night With Ed Sheeran

Bite Me, Common Sense


Conceal, Don’t Feel

Philosophy of Karaoke

Under the Weather

All by Myself

What You Got in that Bag?


Stuff I Hear at Work


Under the Rug

A Life Worth Living

Not Your Ordinary Woman

Just Read It

Culinary School


Taylor Swift

Staff Sgt Jin


Ed Sheeran



Chivalry Debate

Women are Crazy Men are Stupid

 Expectation Wars

Love Notions

#1 The Checklist

#2 The Chase

#3 The Symptoms

#4 The Game

#5 The Wait

Artwork Gallery

Leonid Tishkov

Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Jeff Koons

Elena Kalis

Yayoi Kusama

Erik Johansson


5 Terrible Tropes

The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Lego Movie

Bromance 4ever

Immortal Songs

Pages of 2013

Gone with the Wind

Multiple/Miscellaneous Categories

Parallel Relationship Stages

Of the Heart

Feeling Feels Ecards

Europe Dream Trip

Brb, Going to Europe

To Mildenhall

Paris Je T’aime

Frenchy Food

Lumiere, Darling

Fair Italy

Mangia Bene

Venetian Marvels

Odds & Ends in Britain

English Eats

London, Baby!

Post Trip Reflections

                   Chronicles of Houston

Day 1

Day 2 – The Lords’ Day

Day 3 – Things I Never Knew I Never Knew

Day 4 – Quality Time in China China Chinatown

Day 5 – Warning: May Be Offensive to Believers

Day 6 – An Unexpected Ceremony

Day 7 – Bluebell and Steak

Return and Reflections

California vs. Texas

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