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****spoilers all around****

Sword fights, magic spells, knights on horseback, and there be dragons. Friendships that grow in spite of class differences are explored as characters bond over quests and grow up together. I loved seeing the flashing amber eyes effect whenever magic was performed. As far as the finale, er, I guess we’re still waiting for a conclusion?

Wizard angst here we go.  The scarf about his neck makes him look like a perpetual hipster street performer. Always messes up but goes above and beyond to save anyone in need. That scene where he struck Nimueh down was quite surprising because he was so much weaker than her and it was very dark for him to kill without hesitation.  His joy at finding his father and grief got to me. His inherited Dragon powers are easily the coolest concept of the show (Eragon eat your heart out). I wish he learned telepathy or at least a decent concealment spell. His finally ending Morgana up close and personally was sudden and satisfying.

Extremely gorgeous character whose breaking bad transformation makes her a perpetual nuisance as the thing that just won’t die. Uther never dealt with advisors but was so tragically blinded by this daughter of evil. I was sick of her by the first season, I kept yelling for someone to cut her head off whenever she was knocked unconscious.

The once and future king. Just, pure, and a loyal friend for all seasons, he is the epitome of honor. Quite a dish. I love it when he calls GuineVERE.


The Great Dragon
Poor beast, chained up and having to use your infinite wisdom dealing with an emo teenager day in and day out. I wish he could have been used to wipe out Cenred’s army.

So many hot guys in one show, unbelievable.  All skilled and loyal enough to take stand for his king to the point of death (and female disguises).

What is love. Here today and gone tomorrow. Respect. That’s what lasts.
Thankfully no one is moony eyed or pining over each other while involved with someone else. Those who are in love have to deal with plenty of obstacles.  Nice that Arthur and Morgana were somewhat intended for one another but they act more like unimpressed siblings. Merlin was immune to most women on the show, hardly any of them turn his head.

Medieval phrases

– Lose some weight, fatty.
– I came back because you’re my only friend and I can’t afford to lose you.
– Some choices are easy. Some stay with you forever.
– All great struggles demand sacrifice.
– To be more powerful than any man and live like a shadow.
– Dollop head.
– Clot pole.
– You never know when you might need to kill someone.
– The future is as yet unshaped. It is we that shape it.
– Destiny and chicken. What a beautiful combination, eh?
– You are such a girl’s petticoat.
– Have you been on the cider?
– Will it be hot? Will it be cold? Will it be wet? Will it be dry?
– I believe in you. I always have.
– Patience is the key to wisdom.
– I swear I will protect you or die at your side.
– Are you threatening me with a spoon? (Offscreen smack) Ow!
– I am who I am and I am who I was and I will always be.
– I’m like a swan. On the surface it looks like there’s a lot going on underneath.


  • Arthur asking Merlin if he should marry Princess Helena and the response given.
  • Merlin helping Arthur to express his feelings for Lady Vivian
  • Merlin applying the gaja berries on Arthur’s face.
  • Arthur’s exclaiming he is not fat when Merlin takes away his food.
  • Arthur binding Merlin’s wound.
  • Arthur punching Merlin fondly as they go out to face the dragon.
  • Arthur trains and fights with the inexperienced villagers of Ealdor because it is Merlin’s hometown.
  • Gwaine and Merlin cementing their friendship in the perilous lands.
  • Merlin waiting outside all night as Arthur bids farewell to his father.
  • Arthur giving Merlin a piggyback ride!
  • Merlin thrilled when Arthur proposes to Gwen, giving him a hard time about holding an unromantic tourney for her.
  • Arthur given a simpleton mind spell with his dopey expressions, going around in tight clothes and hugging trees
  • Hanging out in a giant net trap.
  • Just hold me.tumblr_mduz8qzNEd1rkarx5o1_500

Magical moments

  • Merlin giving the Fisher King the Phoenix bracelet.
  • Merlin being an insulting punk to everyone under mind control and being thwarted in his attempts to kill Arthur, very Joxer-like.
  • Running joke about Merlin’s disappearances to the tavern.
  • Gaius and Merlin’s mealtime conferences, especially when they eating beetles.
  • Guinevere and Arthur’s epic kiss.
  • Lancelot leaving Guinevere for Arthur’s sake.
  • Merlin administering poison and setting the dragon free. Pathos!
  • Uther rushes to the front of enemy lines to defend Camelot from Cenred’s army.
  • Uther expressing his gratitude to Arthur for throwing the fight, he not only shows his attention to Arthur’s skills but also recognizes his motive to honor him.
  • Bar fight with dreamy Gwaine!
  • Guinevere reprimanding the council for shutting out people looking for shelter.
  • Gwaine sticking his hand in the trunk for honey.
  • Gaius stepping in and knocking down Morgause.
  • Merlin aiding the knights in stealing a chicken from the kitchen.
  • Arthur rejecting George, the efficient manservant replacement, because he’s not as fun.
  • Morgause and Cenred’s exchange.
  • Uther bewitched and enamored with his troll bride.
  • Throwdown between Morgana and old disguised Merlin.
  • Gaius slapping Uther’s bald head around.
  • Merlin and aging spell, that was pure genius! His crotchety snarling is top notch.
  • Sir Leon lives!
  • Gwaine winning battles to earn food under Morgana’s rule.
  • The hot pirate couple Tristan and Isolde, their transitioning respect won by Arthur and tragic devotion.
  • Merlin setting up the people of Camelot and sword in the stone to lift Arthur from doubt of his abilities.
  • Queen Guinevere taking care of business as she roots out the traitor Sefa and sentences her to death. And all of it was a gambit to catch her father!
  • Nemeton is Stonehenge! And the land of the dead has so many lens flares!
  • Knights hazing Mordred.
  • Female sorceress Merlin and all her mannerisms!!! Solid.
  • Balinor giving Merlin hope in the crystal caves
  • Biblically epic lightning entrance in the battle!


Long live the legend of Camelot.