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Vampire Academy

*spoilers all around*

I just found about Richelle Mead’s work and went through the entire series of within days. It was extremely fortunate all the six books have been out for years because waiting for new installments would have driven me mad. This series has it all. Political drama. Murder mysteries. Heart stopping romance. Most importantly, it has witty dialogue and amazing characters who develop over the course of their experiences. When finishing the last one it all stayed in my mind. Books can be like drugs. They take you on soaring highs and crippling lows. The good thing for me is that this series has a the unusual quality of being easily re-readable. It says a lot for the author’s skills in creating such an intriguing world and cast.

Rose (dhampir)
And I thought the point of my education was that violence is the answer.”
Love her!!!
A beautiful and dangerous wildfire, she is recklessly lethal so whether you’re dead or undead better move get out of the way. She is a hardcore warrior like Faith from “Buffy” and just as angry with the world. It gets alternately hilarious and annoying how she flies into a rage when mishandling minor developments she disagrees with. She gets restless easily and just goes for what she wants without thinking, which she learns to control more as she matures. I can see myself in how she constantly mouths off but keeps a lot of personal secrets at the same time. Her choices when it comes to love are the worst, especially when it comes to Adrian. Being confused about your feelings is understandable, but after repeated warnings about consequences she went ahead and treated him like trash. I guess if I were a teen being influenced by the spirit and facing attack by enemies at all sides I wouldn’t be thinking straight either but having someone around just for fun is never a good idea. I hope the author realizes that Rose is a poor role model when it comes to romance, which is a risk I think she took in creating a flawed character in overly dramatic situations. Still, it’s difficult not to admire her fighting abilities and her selfless protective nature.

Dimitri (dhampir)
A Russian guardian of the highest level who follows duty and honor above all else. Tall, dark, and handsome, he is the epitome of the word gentleman as well as deadly. His serious and cautious demeanor is a good influence on Rose’s impulsive attitude. Amazing how they are perfectly in tuned with each other as a battle couple. He is polite and old fashioned, teased for his interest in Western books and 80’s music.

Lissa (Moroi)
Loyal and composed, she tragically lost her entire family in her teens and has a spirit bond with Rose when saving her life from the incident. Her determination is what gets her through a lot of challenges, as does her diplomacy. People see her as a sort of goddess as she manifests healing powers which are relatively new to her society. I always think of Elsa when she appears in the Bloodlines series.

Adrian (Moroi)
“Dreams, dreams. I walk them; I live them. I delude myself with them. It’s a wonder I can spot reality anymore.”
Usually alcoholic loungers who smoke are triple deal breakers for me. But if they’re handsome brooding artists with emerald eyes, I’ll reconsider and then some. His vices are necessary to suppress the effects of his spirit powers which makes them a little excusable. He reminds me of Rhett from Gone with the Wind because of the obscene wealth and devil-may-care impertinent attitude, and making the mistake of loving a poisonous woman. His clever lines and obvious awareness of his handsome looks are as delicious as Damon Salvatore’s, complete with feelings of inadequacy as he feels trapped from everyone’s low expectations. Ironic how everyone warned Rose about associating with Adrian when he was devoted to her group and ended up the one betrayed and hurt the most by knowing her. I still think she would have been good with him if she didn’t have Dimitri around. The funny thing that match would be similar to that of her parents; one the tough warrior, the other a flashy charmer. Such a huge relief that his story continues in the spin off because I’m wild for this arrogant flirty royal.

Christian (dhampir)
Enough with the hot guys already, Mead! An outcast who will become a consort to Lissa despite prejudice against his family. He has abilities in fire magic. He is also talented in doling out snarky quips so it’s always a pleasure to see him go at it with Rose or Adrian.

Abe (Moroi)
Eighteen, and already youʹve been accused of murder, aided felons, and acquired a death count higher than most guardians will ever see.ʺ He paused. ʺI couldnʹt be prouder.”
Rose’s father whose connections are as useful as they are shady. He will as easily flirt with all the eligible women as do all he can to protect those he loves.

VA Movie Thoughts:
Good: Rose killed it! running sneak attack gag, pace, Christian, last scene with Dimitri
Bad: Cheesy fight scenes, overdone expositions, English rather than Romanian royalty, magic scenes laughable, wrong tone
Fan Request: Do over, make it into a show and bring us Adrian!!!

It’s a little confusing getting straight the multiple classes: Moroi, dhampir, Strigoi. I appreciate that the author didn’t feature a traitor in the inner circle or a major antagonist trying to destroy the world throughout the whole series. It’s rather refreshing to see how enemies mature and become friends in most instances. And the fact it’s mostly in the Moroi realm, humans don’t really factor in, other than as willing food sources.

I always say I’m getting too old for vampire novels and believe I’m over it. Somehow I managed to get caught up again and this time it was rewarding. If anyone has a problem with this genre, I say bite me.