Love Notion #6: The Online Prospects

It’s a blessing to observe many intelligent women around me who are independent and fearless. They accomplish much as they search and wait extensively for a caring leader who can be there for them.

Unfortunately I also see plenty of men who are lost. They may have faulty role models or none. And even if they’re relatively well-adjusted, they still have to overcome us females who won’t take less than perfection.

So it should be no surprise when both sides end up lonely and disappointed.

Luckily there is a convenient way for this passive aggressive generation to connect without having to leave the comforts of your own room!


Ladies, is it logical to expect a respectably ambitious and socially competent man to need the internet to find a match? Let’s not pretend the odds are in your favor. Also, I have doubts that it’s really worth the risk of going into these worrisome scenarios:

Faker Level 1
Lying about age, job, nunchaku skills, fishing ability, etc.
Trouble Level 2
Not as into commitment as their profile indicates, they casually invite you to their place multiple times
Nightmare Level 3
Crazy stalker who slips something in your drink

Guys, let’s hear the ironclad reasons, what is it that’s so impossible about finding a date IRL?

No time for that 
It’s called go to social events or join an interest group, Dr. Busy. The point is figure out your priorities and invest accordingly. If you don’t know how to balance your schedule in order to build a relationship what makes you think you can handle dating, marriage, and eventually parenthood?

Honestly there is no one around that is suitable
Either hang out with a more like-minded group who is actively introducing you to people they know or start evaluating why your standards are what they are and maybe shift into possibilities that are already in front of you.

Don’t want friends/family to know their dating life so they won’t get questioned or bothered about it
That’s creepy. PS, grow up!

I have too much pride to buy into the ever so trendy Coffee Meets Bagel, eHarmony, or others since it all seems a little forced. Search me how people enjoy the pressure and strategizing with pictures, descriptions, the next move, blah blah blah.  Also, I don’t want to credit a cyber algorithm with the most important human relationship of my life (divine guidance or no). If it means I ultimately fail to land Mr. Right, that’s my prerogative.

I can kind of understand and agree with individuals who advocate meeting people online – as long as there’s group involvement.  There’s just too much room for deceit interacting one-on-one.  So those who tell me they’re “talking to someone” for a while and don’t include their circle in the process I would advise to ditch that asap.  I’m so glad when it does work out, but I have yet to hear about an amicable date where they meet a spectacular suitor that they would recommend to me or another person (work the system). It damages my calm when people produce significant others out of nowhere then have them sent into obscurity. There is no foundation of friendship beforehand and nothing left when they want a new model. Our consumer culture enables people to use a service to look for a sure thing, moving on to another product in their pursuit of one that satisfies them more.

For the minority who are intentionally genuine and take the whole business of internet dating seriously, hats off and good luck to y’all because there’s plenty rubbish to sort through before finding a like-minded compatible person.


Team Community-Based 3D Relationships

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