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Profile: Taylor Swift

All hail the queen of music.  I got into her work since hearing Love Story on the radio.  It’s a pity I was well past high school when she arrived on the scene, it would have been a great emotional support back then.

Singer/ Songwriter
She had an interest playing guitar at a young age. Determination and persistency brought her where she is today. True, her voice left much to be desired in the earlier years of her career.  But recently she has much improved due to her owning to her weakness and hiring a vocal coach. Her writing skills have always been unparalleled and she likes to use figurative idioms of her own creation.

everything has changed

Blah blah blah she’s pop, no country, who cares. She is brilliant in that she recognizes trends and reinvents herself in risky ways.  She began with a fairytale princess perspective, dreamy in the throes of teenage angst.  When the hipster Instagram craze was in full swing, she came out with Red complete with a dubstep hit.  Followed by an 80’s influenced album to met the retro climate.  Did she pull it off?  Absolutely.


For all the talk in society about not judging and attempts to dismiss slut shaming, she is marked and isolated by media vultures jumping all over her romantic entanglements.  I feel sorry that she is constantly ridiculed for her choices.  Yes, artists have relationships in succession.  Yes, they make their boyfriends/girlfriends the subject of their work.  It’s nothing new and no one starts off with all the answers.  Can we move on now?

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Influencing a generation
Dorky, sweet, and mostly wholesome image is refreshing in the entertainment industry.  They be hatin’ but really anyone would do well to possess a fraction of the talent and success of this girl.  She is on top and in control of pretty much all the decisions from tracks to branding.  As far as role models go for females, you can do plenty worse.

Philosophy of Love
Taylor is, like most women, a little crazy.  She goes all in when she dates someone and gives herself away completely.  All experiences are captured whether it involved blissful omg-look-at-that-face highs or abysmal crumpled-up-piece-of-paper lows.  There are lessons learned from splits but never regrets, it’s always worth it.  Regardless of countless foolish decisions that came from our hearts, we all have stories that make up who we are.

Thank you for affirming our experiences as we navigate life and love together!


(dedicated too all my fellow Swifties out there ❤ )