Under the Weather

What misery to be ill, no one likes to be in pain and at their weakest physical point, unable to escape should the zombie apocalypse occur.   That dreaded time has arrived and left, and I remember what thoughts went through my mind:

– Thank God for tissues and the foresight I had in buying them

– What if this is the fatal disease that finally takes my life?  I wouldn’t have to worry about paying bills again!

– I wish mom were around to make me chicken soup, instead I’m having canned chili

– This is like when Spongebob got the Suds, except there’s no pretty pink bubbles and the cure is not as easily obtained

– If I were a vampire this would not be an issue…good grief why is the sun so infernally bright through my curtains?!

– I can’t believe this dumb virus is taking me down, whoever is responsible for this will pay!

Suffering can either build character or reduce one to a useless whiner (you guess which applies in this case). But seriously, my heart goes out to those with perpetual diseases and in much worse conditions.


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