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Artwork: Elena Kalis

 “I like how different things and people look underwater, movements are graceful and free and it has a dreamlike quality that is difficult to achieve on land.”

Alice in Waterland

This is a stunning vision of clarity and subtle motion in aquatic surroundings.  Alice’s pale outfit and the way her hair flows in the water is pure and serene.  Methinks the tea may be a little on the weak side.


A Review: Lego Movie

I wish there was a movie like Toy Story but with Legos.  Yeah, a Lego story.  That would be nice.  Wait, it exists?  Everything is awesome!

This movie is a riot and a half. It contains hilarious pop culture references and gags on crack.  There was so much going on visually and the storyline just blows you away.  I can’t praise this movie enough for its clever writing.  The message that everyone is Special and to value creativity didn’t connect with me so much as the dystopia themes in their tiny world.  This movie was on it dialed to 12 in terms of quotable lines and nerd service.


A bland every guy who saves the world with his straight laced ways
and big heart.  Eh, not a fan, even with the couch idea.

Wyldstyle/ Lucy
A woman of many skills.  If you mess with her she will throw a cactus.
My two cents is that she should have stayed with Batman.

Omg the Self Portrait song!!
He is somewhat a jerk but so cool you can’t help but love him.
And that Bruce Wayne board meeting scene, whoa whoa whoa.

I honestly think his role is just to mess with everyone.
And take out robot henchmen.  And sometimes play piano.

Lord Business
That name.  And with such a boss outfit!
The pronunciation gags for the relics are win.

I hate this cat so much, I can’t believe she stayed on with team – I wanted her to die on Cloud CuckooLand.

I didn’t expect this character to stick around either
but he was actually hilarious for a retro dude!

Good cop/ Bad cop
Liam Neeson’s sexy voice is too distracting!   Also, the air quotes line had me rolling.

Metal Beard
Kinda lame.  For some reason this character didn’t work for me.
Even with the shark arm and transformer action.

Abraham Lincoln
He takes off on a rocket chair.  Need I say more?


Say What?!

Release the Kragle!

This is not how Batman dies!

Emmet, you didn’t let me finish. Because I died.

If this relationship is going to work out between us I need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it. I will text you.

Business, business. Numbers.  Is it working? 


Let’s take extra care to follow the instructions or you’ll be put to sleep, and don’t forget Taco Tuesday’s coming next week.

Ughhhhhhhhhh…Fine!  Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine…

I’m going to have to report yyyyyyyyyyyyyy


I super hate you.


Y’all ready for this?  (cue music)  

I prefer the term “experienced”!  

Abraham Lincoln! You bring your space chair right back here!

I’m pretty sure I disturbed a lot of people in the theater.  No doubt I was screaming worse than the kids when Vitruvius fell.  I went nuts seeing the Millennium Falcon swoop in.  The 90’s NBA players catapult sequence got a “Haha, what?!!!”  This is the ultimate movie for any age that hits all the right notes.  What’s that? You haven’t seen it yet? I feel sorry for you. Go now, I dare you not to have fun watching it.  Until then maybe this will tide you over: 21 Coolest Things Ever Made Out Lego

Of the Heart

Truly there is a prodigious amount to learn about honorable love from a woman who lived in a time and place beyond reach but much esteemed for her witty novels.  Here are a gems summed up from the article 9 Love Lessons from Jane Austen:

  • Don’t trust first impressions. (Pride and Prejudice) I don’t understand why it’s common to accept or dismiss someone outright based on shallow observations.   There should be room to allow that our prejudice and expectations may be flawed.  You may think you fully figured out someone but in time their true character and direction may surprise you.  I’m doomed in life if all people held biases over an initial conversation with me.
  • Wait for your love. (Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility) This is such a romantic theme if the right circumstances are involved.  Yet regrettably whirlwind hookups in the style of Titanic, Romeo & Juliet, and fleeting marriages of celebrities are the ones placed on a pedestal.  Also, please let it go when it’s over, holding onto a memory and crazy stalker behavior is unattractive and will most likely end in trauma.  Timing is one thing, unrequited obsession is quite another.
  • Sense overlooked for sensibility. (all 6 books) Fools rush in at great cost.  Passion may consume a person, but that is no excuse for making bad choices.  Tattoos, extramarital pregnancy, adultery, suicide, murder, financial ruin, and family estrangement in the name of love?  Go for it at your own risk.
  • Overeager vs uninterested.  (Pride and Prejudice) What is too much or too little in terms of enthusiasm?  This is an art form that singles minded 200 years ago and not much has changed these days.  It’s a balancing game not easily played.
  • Consider the family. (Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey) That person may be worth dying for, but sometimes the in laws are cause for a double take.  Bringing together two lives and relations is a messy package deal!


Profile: Ed Sheeran


Aka: Ginger Jesus, Teddy, my snowflake

Mmmm…oh hi there, where was I?
Beautiful anime-like wild orange tresses.  Those lovely blue eyes. When he wears his goofy grin and glasses, it’s glomp city.

His angelic voice deserves a Nobel Prize.  One note and I am undone. He flows with the rap and it’s inexplicably hot when he swears.  His trademark is being a loop genius.  Who needs backup singers or instruments?  Not Ed!   When recording his loops live he asks the audience to keep silent.  I’ll shush all day.  Just take all my heart and money.

Pirate, cowboy, gingerbread man, clown, squee!!

Besties with Taylor Swift
TS + ES = ❤
Both are superior song writers of this generation.  Together they make a power duo I respect so much.

Down to earth style

True artist who wears casual clothes, writes his songs, cuts his own hair, makes jewelry, and paints his guitars.  I have to say I’m not into his fondness for drinking, drugs, or his array of tattoos, but it still doesn’t negate my admiration.

He uses Legos as metaphors for relationships in his songs and before concerts he builds robots to give away to fans. He loves Lord of the Rings and uses his free time watching DVDs.

Happy birthday darling!  This Sheerio will give you love any time. ANY time…



Artwork: Yayoi Kusama

 “Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?”  – Stardust

infinitymirroredroom-yayoi-kusama1Infinity Mirror Room

If you are in the habit of looking up into the night you may sense something beyond yourself.  The heavens are indescribable and at times it is best to respond with silent reverence.  This brings to mind a certain star path scene and perhaps those artists were referencing one of Yayoi’s rooms.   How alluring the idea of encountering such a realm.  To be lost in dark, ethereal sky is to be far and away from all things ordinary.

Love Notion #3: The Symptoms

Been feeling funny around a certain person lately?  Do things seem confusing but you don’t quite know what ails you?  Let’s go over our professional checklist Cardcaptor Sakura style!

On your mind constantly
When experiencing happy or sad times you wish they were with you.  You wonder what they’re up to and miss them.

Jealousy takes over
The idea of someone else in their life brings out the claws.  Step back, rivals, you’ll be cut down!
Sweet mode
When they walk into a room and say hi you melt for some reason.  They also seem to glow and flower vision interferes with your sight.
Always aware
You have a habit of watching their face and want to get as close as possible.
Spazzy behavior
Blushing, stammering, clumsiness.  Argh, why do they make you so nervous?!
Giving becomes you
You’ll do most anything to see them smile.   Anytime they need help you say “no problem” and mean it even if it requires sacrificing your time and effort.
Does this sound like you?  Hmm…
Diagnosis:  You have a bad case of lovesickness!

There’s no cure but don’t torture yourself and enjoy the friendship.  Be there for that person and do what’s best for them.  Accept that they may find their happiness with or without you.  Hopefully it works out to be the former.  Gambatte!


Feeling Feels Ecards

A tribute to romance with lines from films, novels, and songs:

MjAxNC01YjUxYjAwM2Y0ZjZkMTRj MjAxNC0xYzIxMTU5MGVkODMzYWE4 MjAxNC02NDAzNmM3YTA4ZTNkNmYy MjAxNC0xZDA1MjIyOTQ3NjkzODc1 MjAxNC1hNDRhNTAxNTJhZjVkMTUy MjAxNC01MmU5MGI0YTVlNzdmOTYz MjAxNC0wZTY3YjRmN2Q1YjE0YTA0 MjAxNC0xZjFiMzUwNGEyZDZlNmZh MjAxNC1kNjFjNTEyYzI2MjJjMWY2 MjAxNC1mNTI4YjQ2MTUwNjU0YmU1 MjAxNC04ZGQxMWY3M2IxM2E0MDExFunny Valentine's Day Ecard: I'll pick you up when you're getting down. And out of all these things I've done. I will love you better now.
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