Profile: Hunter

Dogs.  They are friends to the end and loyal to a fault.  This being toward humans, they certainly do not have an overabundance of sense.  I fall apart when it comes to canines.  Not only are they adorable, but they love you unconditionally and will not judge your appearance or speech.  The dark price is their short life span which can devastate you if you are attached to them like family.  I always wanted to write about Hunter, the one in a million who deeply affects me like none other, and so I shall because my heart belongs to him.  Our love will be legend!

AKA: Cutie Pie, Hunchy, Bad Boy, Darling


Coloration is white with brown spots and he has a magnificently long tail you can bite or place your hair clip on.  He has the floppy ears of a beagle and stumpy legs of a basset hound.  When he is not moody he can be sweet.  He nudges you and sometimes raises his front end on the couch to get closer.  What I like is that he doesn’t lick you and cover you with slobber. 

Typical hounds have a deep baying sound.  When he hears a noise or if you ask “Who’s there?” he will howl up a melancholy storm.


The way to his heart is through his stomach, which sounds reasonable to me.  Somehow he ups the cuteness factor when it’s mealtime by perking up his ears.  I swear he manipulates me by making his eyes bigger and gets them to sparkle.  He eats with abandon (like I do) and goes to town on an empty dog food can. 

A dumb, all accepting happy dog is boring.  At first we hated each other but over time grew close.  It is amusing to push his limits.  He growls when you get near his bed or food.  He really doesn’t like it when you touch his paws, which just happens to be an irresistible activity of mine.  I liken his personality to a temperamental Korean man.

This one can learn names and bark accordingly.  He knows how to play hide and seek.  My darling can also get out of a cone, take off a hair band, and utilize a mirror. 

– Allergic to wheat

– Digs into the carpet
– Skin problems
– Hates the camera (like myself)

Dogs teach us to love without reserve and live each day to the fullest.  When you give a dog medicine, trim their nails, or give them baths, they tend to resist or flee.  I respond similarly in those situations even though it’s supposed to be beneficial.  It reminds me of how God provides and wants to give us the best but we miss it by turning away or fail to recognize what is in front of us. 

And IIIIIIIII will always love youuuuu, Hunter!


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